Help Me Choose A Printer Interface

Identify Printer Interfaces

Printer Side Tips to Identify
(RS232 / Serial Interface)
Serial or RS232
  • Number of pinholes on printer side: 25 (13 on one row and 12 on the second row)
  • 2 screwholes on the sides of the connector
  • Also called a "RS232" interface. Sometimes "RS232" is written on the face of the connector
(Parallel / Centronics Parallel Interface)
  • Number of teeth/pins on printer side: 36 (18 on one row and 18 on the second row)
  • Swinging clips or "butterfly" clips on the sides of the connector
  • Also called a "Centronics Parallel" interface.
  • Connector looks like a long rectangular "smile".
(USB Interface)
  • Square shaped connection with 2 rounded corners
  • Has the USB root symbol which looks like a tree with 2 branches coming from the sides
(Ethernet / LAN Interface)
Ethernet / RJ45 Connection
  • Square shaped connector with two LEDs on top or bottom
  • Connector will often say "10/100/1000" which refers to the data transfer speed of the connection (10Mbits, 100Mbits,1000Mbits)
  • Looks similar to a phone jack connection but noticabely wider.