Help Me Choose A Scanner Interface

Identify Scanner Interfaces

Scanner Cable Interface Tips to Identify
(USB Interface)
  • USB connection on scanner is rectangular
  • Has the USB root symbol which looks like a tree with 2 branches coming from the sides
(RS232 / Serial Interface)
Serial or RS232
Serial or RS232
  • Number of pinholes on scanner cable: 9
  • 2 screwholes on the sides of the connector
  • Also called a "RS232" interface. Sometimes "RS232" is written on the face of the connector
(Keyboard Wedge / PS/2 Interface)
Keyboard Wedge or PS/2 Keyboard Wedge
(PS/2 on the left; AT on the right)
Keyboard Wedge or PS/2 Keyboard Wedge
(Y-Cable with two pigtails)
  • Cable has a split / Y-cable: One split plugs into the keyboard PS/2 port on the computer. The other split plugs into a PS/2 keyboard
  • Connections can have 2 sizes: Smaller connection is called a "PS/2" (picture on the left; more common connection) connection. Larger connection is called "AT"(picture on the right;) connection.
  • Both ends of a keyboard wedge cable are often referred to as "pigtails"
  • Keyboard wedge scanners must be plugged straight into a PS/2 port on the computer. Doesn't work with any USB to PS/2 adapters.